Travel guide of Budapest, Hungary

We are glad that you have chosen Hungary as your destination

You've come to a country

- which can boast of one of the world's finest capital cities, Budapest, the "Pearl of the Danube", whose wonderful panorama is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,

- which, despite the frequent ups and downs of history, destroying man and his property, has preserved much of value worth seeing,

- which has 2000-year-old Roman and 400-year-old Turkish monuments (Pecs), fine Romanesque churches in Ják, Lébény and Pannonhalma, as well as once proud fortresses in Eger, Sümeg and Siklós, the biggest basilica of Central Europe in Esztergom

- which has Central Europe's largest lake, the Balaton, a real paradise for families with small children,

- where healing waters rise from hundreds of springs, helping thousands of people to regain their health,

- where horse shows drawing on the rich variety of Hungarian folk art and the traditions of pastoral life attract tens of thousands to the Hungarian Plains.

- where you can find many good hotels of course, either in Budapest or everywhere in Hungary!

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