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Hotel Apollo, Kecskemet

Hotel Apollo

   3-star-hotel in Kecskemet

Hotel Apollo with 24 rooms is situated in a silent street in the centre of Kecskemét. Near to the hotel there are museums, tourist sights, restaurants. The hotel has a closed parking yard, where we can watch your cars.

 In-house-restaurant air-conditioned hotel
Distance from Budapest: 80 km   |   Number of rooms: 25

Hotel ARANYHOMOK, Kecskemet


   4-star-hotel in Kecskemet

Comfortable 4-Star-Hotel in the center of Kecskemet with many facilities.

 In-house-restaurant wellness facilities free Internet, wi-fi
Distance from Budapest: 80 km   |   Number of rooms: 111

Hotel Háry, Kecskemet

Hotel Háry

   3-star-hotel in Kecskemet

The renewed Hotel Háry*** is happy to welcome its present and future guests in Kecskemét together with the Háry restaurant offering gastronomic specialities and the Roulette Club offering high level entertainment to both of the guests of the hotel and the citizens of the town.

 In-house-restaurant air-conditioned hotel free Internet, wi-fi
Distance from Budapest: 80 km   |   Number of rooms: 21

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Cziráky Panzio B&B, Budapest

Cziráky Panzio B&B

A 3-star-bed & breakfast in the 12th district

Hotel Bara Junior, Budapest

Hotel Bara Junior

A 3-star-hotel in the 11th district

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