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Accommodations in Visegrad, Szentendre, Esztergom

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Beta Hotel Silvanus, Visegrad

Beta Hotel Silvanus

   4-star-hotel in Visegrad

Hotel Silvanus with beautiful view to the Danube Bend is to be found in the historical Visegrad, 48 kms from Budapest, on the right side of the Danube river.

 In-house-restaurant wellness facilities free Internet, wi-fi
Distance from Budapest: 48 km   |   Number of rooms: 138

Thermal Hotel Visegrád, Visegrad

Thermal Hotel Visegrád

   4-star-hotel SUPERIOR in Visegrad

This 4-star thermal and conference hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Hungary in the picturesque surroundings of the Danube Bend, near Visegrad.

 In-house-restaurant air-conditioned hotel wellness facilities
Distance from Budapest: 45 km   |   Number of rooms: 174

Hotel HONTI, Visegrad


   3-star-hotel in Visegrad

Come and have a nice time in the historical settlement, Visegrad, in the picturesque Danube-bend, 40 km from Budapest.

Distance from Budapest: 45 km   |   Number of rooms: 23

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Hotel Erzsebet City Center, Budapest

Hotel Erzsebet City Center

A 3-star-hotel in the 5th district

Hotel Platanus, Budapest

Hotel Platanus

A 3-star-hotel in the 8th district

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