Palatinus Panzio Sopron

3-star-bed & breakfast

Address: 9400 Sopron, Új utca 23.

The hotel has 31 rooms.

Palatinus Panzio Sopron Sopron

The Palatinus Pension, that is one of the well-known Hostel of Sopron, is waiting for its dear guests with its renovated rooms and with moderated prices.


  Budapest: 220 km

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Detailed information about Palatinus Panzio Sopron

Palatinus Pension can be found in the best part of Sopron, in the middle of the historical city-center, that gives an opportunity to those also, who are only visiting for business to visit the city.

The pension is having a quality of 1st class, it's homely with a living accommodation of 60 person.
The pension has single and double rooms and apartments equipped with coloured SAT TV, shower, and toilet.

Smoker and non-smoking rooms, suite, safe, wake up calls, drink-bar, guarded parking spot, telephone, internet im lobby, SAT TV, credit and bankcard acception, private program organization, cab/taxi ordering, car and bicycle renting, theather and concert ticket ordering.
Thanks to the pension's partnercontracts they are at service for their guests with half board service (in Tercia Restaurant) and all claim satisfactory wellnesservice (in Best Western Pannonia M. Hotel).

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Palatinus Panzio Sopron

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