Villa Hotel Kristal

3-star-hotel  in the 11th district of Budapest.

Address: 1118 Budapest, Társ u. 8.

The hotel has 18 rooms.

Villa Hotel Kristal Budapest

Air-conditioned hotel Familiar hotel near the city center with 18 air-conditioned rooms, each equipped with bathroom, minibar, TV, telephone.


  City center: 3 km
  Nearest Metro station: 2.5 km
  Keleti Station: 4.5 km
  Nyugati Station: 3.5 km
  Opera: 3.0 km
  Airport: 19 km km  >>  Order your transfer!

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Detailed information about Villa Hotel Kristal

We would like to introduce Villa Hotel Kristal to you:

Hotel Kristal Budapest gives you every luxury of a western world hotel at a reasonable modest price.

- Only 10 minutes walking distance from the city centre
- Easy access to all major highways
- 18 rooms with bathrooms
- Colout TV with 20 international satellite channels
- Minibar
- Telephone
- 24 hour service
- All rooms are airconditioned !!
- Guarded car park, drink bar, and a well maintained garden

We would like to welcome you, your guests, business partners.
You will be treated like a King, and feel like at home.

We hope to meet you in the future!

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Villa Hotel Kristal

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