Hotel Korona Nyiregyháza


Address: 4400 Nyiregyháza, Dózsa György u.. 1.

The hotel has 35 rooms.

Hotel Korona Nyiregyháza Nyiregyháza

Air-conditioned hotel This 100-year-old hotel is one of the most famous buildings of Nyiregyhaza.


  Budapest: 240 km

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Detailed information about Hotel Korona Nyiregyháza

Hotel Korona Nyiregyháza has 35 air-conditioned luxuriously furnished rooms. The historic Kodaly Hall of the hotel and the adjacent Conference Hall are ideal for holding conferences, performances, balls, weddings, shows exhibitions and other events.
The guests find comfort, entertainment and a wide range of services in the John Bull Pub with its exclusive guest room, the X Café, the Korona Confectioner's, the Pizza House, Casino, solarium, massage and the sauna.
You can find a bank, a pharmacy, a travel office and a souvenir shop in the hotel as well.

The environs also offer exciting programs: Village Museum, monuments of the villages of Bereg, sailing and canoeing on the river Tisza, riding, hunting and the wine district of Tokaj.

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Hotel Korona Nyiregyháza

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