Hotel Famulus, Gyor


Address: Budai u 4-6.

The hotel has 47 rooms.

Hotel Famulus Gyor

Air-conditioned hotel Hotel Famulus**** gyr is situated in the vicinity of the baroque down town next to the rkd Shopping Centre.


  Budapest: 128 km

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Detailed information about Hotel Famulus

All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with LCD TV, phone, high-speed Internet Access, Minibar, hair drier. Cots are available for the small children and some rooms can accomodate and extra bed if required. Two rooms have been speciffically designated and equipped for our disabled guests. These have easy wheelchair access, large bathrooms and a convenient location to ensure comfort to our guests.

The hotel complies with all health and safety regulations. All rooms are equipped with a heat and smoke detector.

In Podium Restaurant we can guarantee to our guests an enjoyable concert experience beside the nice dinner on Friday and Saturday. The restaurant also introduces young and talented musicians' first steps in front of a real audience, while the evening entertainment possibilities include kareokee as well.

Our hotel welcomes our guests with family-friendly services. Our aim is to make the younger generation enjoy their stay at Famulus Hotel as much as their parents. The well-equipped Children's Corner will provide hours of enjoyment to all children. If the parents would like to have a romantic evening only with each other, our baby sitting service will take care of the children. Our connecting rooms are extremely convenient for families with children. Cots and high chairs extend the comfort of the Famulus Hotel even to the youngest children.

Sports facilities in the hotel:
- Fitness room
- Squash courts
- Bowling club
- Rent a bike
- Tennis court 500 m far from the hotel (trainer is available as well)

Wellness services:
- Famulus Massage Club
- Infrasauna

Other services:
- Body status survey
- Personal training
- Training for disabled guests
- Special moving programs for the age-group over 40 years

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Hotel Famulus

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