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budapest hotelsThis page lists our budget accommodations, which are included in our database at this moment. Here you can read a short comment about each hotel, providing basic, but useful information (e.g. short description, special features if any) The hotels are listed here by alphabetical order.

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Botel Hotel LISA, Budapest

Botel Hotel LISA


Spend your holiday on a boat hotel! 35 air-conditioned rooms are waiting for you on the river Danube!

  air-conditioned hotel free Internet, wi-fi

Location: 21st district   |   Airport: 25 km   |   Subway: 5.7 km   |   Number of rooms: 35

Cziráky Panzio B&B, Budapest

Cziráky Panzio B&B

   3-star-bed & breakfast

Silence, peace in beautiful environment with a picturesque view and delicious breakfast!


Location: 12th district   |   Airport: 25 km   |   Subway: 4.5 km   |   Number of rooms: 10

Hotel Császár, Budapest

Hotel Császár


Hotel Császár is situated 500 meters from Margaret Bridge, in the centre of the city, on the Danube bank. The hotel shares the building of the Komjádi-Császár swimming pools, which can be used by the hotel guests.

 next to river danube wellness facilities free Internet, wi-fi

Location: 2nd district   |   Airport: 22 km   |   Subway: 1.9 km   |   Number of rooms: 45

Hotel GLORIA, Budapest



Hotel Gloria is a quiet island halfway between the airport and the inner city.

  free Internet, wi-fi

Location: 8th district   |   Airport: 10 km   |   Subway: 0.8 km   |   Number of rooms: 28

Hotel Kalmar B&B, Budapest

Hotel Kalmar B&B

   3-star-bed & breakfast

Luxuriously equipped, huge rooms in an old mansion of Budapest, in walking distance from the Gellert bath and hotel.

  air-conditioned hotel free Internet, wi-fi

Location: 11th district   |   Airport: 18 km   |   Subway: 1.0 km   |   Number of rooms: 10

Hotel Platanus, Budapest

Hotel Platanus


The friendly hotel, located on the Pest side of the capital, in the neighbourhood of a large park, close to the M3 underground line, is easy to approach from the direction of the Ferihegy Airport or the city centre.

  air-conditioned hotel

Location: 8th district   |   Airport: 15 km   |   Subway: 0.3 km   |   Number of rooms: 128

Hotel Villa KORDA, Budapest

Hotel Villa KORDA


This classical style building is situated in the exclusive green belt of Budapest, close to a landscape-protection area. The clean air and beautiful garden that surrounds the building makes our guests forget how close the villa is to the city. The downtown can be reached in 15 minutes by car, 30 minutes with a public transportation.

  air-conditioned hotel free Internet, wi-fi

Location: 2nd district   |   Airport: 25 km   |   Subway: 3.9 km   |   Number of rooms: 21

Mohácsi Panzio B&B, Budapest

Mohácsi Panzio B&B

   2-star-bed & breakfast

Bed & breakfast house close to the city, in the Buda Hills, with cosy rooms. Wonderful view, moderate prices.


Location: 2nd district   |   Airport: 19 km   |   Subway: 0.9 km   |   Number of rooms: 7

Professors' Guest House, Budapest

Professors' Guest House

   Apartment hotel ***

This guest house of the Technical University offers you its quality services next to the famous Gellert Baths.

  air-conditioned hotel free Internet, wi-fi

Location: 11th district   |   Airport: 18 km   |   Subway: 2.0 km   |   Number of rooms: 19

Villa Hotel Kristal, Budapest

Villa Hotel Kristal


Familiar hotel near the city center with 18 air-conditioned rooms, each equipped with bathroom, minibar, TV, telephone.

  air-conditioned hotel free Internet, wi-fi

Location: 11th district   |   Airport: 19 km   |   Subway: 2.5 km   |   Number of rooms: 18

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