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Frequently asked questions about our airport transfer service in Budapest

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How do I meet the driver at the airport?
The driver will be at the arrivals gate with a sign with your name on it. Please look out for him/her.


How long does the journey take from the airport to the center of Budapest?
It usually takes no longer than 40 minutes from Ferihegy Airport. This time is only a guide, and depends upon traffic levels and your exact destination.


Will my driver know where my hotel is located?
Your driver will know before you are picked up exactly where you are going to.


I am traveling with young children. Do you provide seats for them?
Yes we do. If you request child seats when you book, the driver will carry child seat. There is no extra charge for this.


You offer a cheap service. Does this mean I have to share the vehicle with others?
No! The price you pay is per car for you and your party only.


Do I have to tip the driver?
No. Tipping is regarded as a sign of good service here, if you decide not to tip then no-one will think any less of you. All our drivers expect from you is the fare you were quoted and if you decide to tip then I am sure that they will appreciate it.


If I book a car service to pick me up from the airport, do I also have to book a car to take me back to the airport at the end of my stay?
No, you are not obliged in any way to use our service for both parts of your journey. This is entirely your choice, you may leave the departure form blank if you wish. Note: all other parts of form are required.


How do I contact you by phone in emergencies or what if I fail to meet my driver at the arrivals gate?
Once you have made a booking with us, along with your confirmation you will also be given the name and cellphone number of our transfer coordinator, who is responsible to arrange your transfer. You should always call this cellphone number first.


How many people can fit in one car?
The transfer options are priced according to the number of passengers. A limousine or space wagon is used for 1-4 passengers. If there are more than 4 passengers then we will send one or more minivans which can carry up to 8 persons each. For large groups we can arrange big buses as well, which can carry even 50 passangers too.


How much luggage can fit in a vehicle?
The price options take into account the number of passengers and a reasonable amount of luggage - please see question above. If you feel that you have an unusually large amount of luggage, please indicate it in the booking form, then we will send a larger vehicle, but note, that it would cost more.


What type of vehicles do you have?
run a fleet of mainly Mercedes limousins, Peugeot and Mercedes minivans with up to 9 seats. They are air-conditioned for the summer, fully equipped for the winter with an extended wheelbase for extra luggage space. Elsewhere the vehicles are of a similar high standard. We operate our vehicles on a "NO SMOKING POLICY".


Payment and prices

How do I pay for my transfer?
Your transfer must be paid in cash (Euro or in Hungarian Forints) directly to the driver when you reach your destination. If you book a return transfer as well, you will have to pay for it only on your departure. Do not pay in advance!


For which hotels do I have to pay extra charge?
As you can see in our price list, there are hotels for which we charge an extra charge. Generally spoken, this extra charge applies to hotels which lie more than 25 kilometers from the airport. We have listed a few such hotels on the price list, but there are

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